“Photography is not about capturing what you see, but what you feel.

I’ll admit, its a little strange to write about myself but it’s important. It’s important that I know you and you know me; getting to know each other is paramount in capturing the best photographs.


I was in highschool when I picked up my first camera. I took pictures of everything, animals, surroundings, my favorite “things”, and people, a lot of people. It soon became obvious to me that I loved photographing people and the places we go. I started taking on gigs and clients from various industries. From look books, lifestyle, editorials, food, and events. One day my friend asked me to be her sister’s Quinceanera photographer and from then on I started doing more events. My first wedding gig was in 2008, I was 20 and was assisting another photographer. I knew this was what I wanted to do from that moment on.

At first it wasn’t easy. Everything was fast paced. I wasn’t satisfied with the images I took, they looked so posed and didn’t come out as I expected. Fast forward 6 years, I rarely pose couples and focus on capturing real emotions, real moments, and real photographs.


Photography is not about capturing what you see, but what you feel. I’m not documenting your wedding, i’m capturing the feelings you felt that day. When I capture your special day, i’m part of it, and I feel like a part of it. I like making the viewer of the photograph to feel like they were there. I’m ready to meet you and talk to you.

Now let’s get this show on the road.